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Global TV Show with 200 M viewers
in 122 countries
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Sveta & Ben Banerjee
Take part in our global weekly TV show featuring thought and businesses leaders showcasing how Impact Investing help implement the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to preserve the world for the future generation.
Every week, Banerjis have enlightening and in-depth conversations with celebrities, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, project owners, investors, politicians and business leaders and encourage them to act now for better future.
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Sveta & Ben | #1 Swiss Impact Investing Trendsetters,
Experts & Advisors, Award-Winning Entrepreneurs, Guest Lecturers, International Speakers & Mentors
Sveta Banerjee
Sveta is the Founder of Impact Investing Solutions, TV-Presenter, TEDx speaker and a recognised expert in impact investing. She is actively raising its awareness within Swiss financial industry by promoting the concept of transformational capital as a force for good.

Sveta is the keynote speaker and Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance Ambassador of the Diplomatic World Institute.
She is uniquely qualified to deliver tailored transformative solutions that include SDGs inclusion, objectives, guidelines, strategy setup, roadmaps and milestones for impact fundraising and business growth.
Sveta is a guest lecturer at various universities as well as regular Trainer at Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency.
Aligning the interest of IIS with its clients, IIS shares their international network and full support to the establishment of appropriate introductions and investment partnerships.

Sveta's experience includes Bank J. Safra Sarasin, Société Générale, as well as Family Offices and Asset Management companies in Zurich.

Ben Banerjee
Ben, Co-Founder of Impact Investing School, is an experienced serial entrepreneur and thus an expert in Structuring an organization, making it investment ready and fundraising. He has successfully raised funds for Impactful businesses since more than two decades.

Ben is an Internationally known Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance expert and Thought Leader. Not only is he passionate and knowledgeable on this topic but has devoted his life to this topic. He has more than 20 years of experience in this sector and has worked in various national and multinational enterprises. Founder of various small and large companies (including NGOs) all over Western Europe. He has organized a few Global events participated by Academic, Business, and Political Leaders.

Ben has banking, entrepreneurial, and organizational experience, supported by International and Multi-cultural experience and background. He uses his network and knowledge for business development to promote impactful businesses and services.
Ben is well known as Speaker at various International and National events and was invited as Guest of Honor to President Obama's Second Inauguration.

Ben has been an adviser to world leaders, policymakers, and Major Funds on Impact Investment and creating policies by anticipating flow of events. He is Member of Global Think Tanks and is well connected in the circles of Political Leaders, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Government and Financial Institutions.

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