Svetlana Baurens

I'm Svetlana, and I left traditional investment banking in 2018 in order to found the Impact Investing School.

Impact Investing is a new way of taking responsibility and shaping our world for a better future.

I'll help you transform your assets and corporate culture to get in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Founder & Managing Director of
Impact Investing School
Training, coaching and advice for private individuals, institutions, non-governmental and state organizations as well as speeches at conferences in the field of sustainability and impact investing; contributing to sustainable finance both in Switzerland and internationally, for the benefit of future generations.
Founder & President of Galileo IIIC
A pioneering non-profit organization dedicated to increase awareness and education about impact investing in public at global scale.
Board Member of SIIA
Swiss Impact Investment Association is dedicated to increase awareness about sustainable finance and impact investing in Switzerland.
Impact Investing Expert
Giving Master Classes for financial institutions, public and NGOs Impact Hub, Helvetas, WWF, PWG.
Client & Investment Advisor
Nearly a decade of experience in the Swiss financial sector as client advisor and investment specialist for reputable Swiss and international brands (Société Generale, J.Safra Sarasin)
Guest Lecturer & Speaker
at the Universities of Applied Sciences ZHAW and FHNW, HSG University of St Gallen in Switzerland
at numerous Finance and Impact Investing conferences
Project Manager & Finance Coach for social entrepreneurs
Fundraising, Project Management and Coaching for social entrepreneurs
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My Journey from Traditional Finance to Impact Investing

I know the challenges of the financial sector and impact investing from the inside out. By being one of the living examples, that one person can create a tremendous positive impact, I share my inspiration and motivation with thousands of people, transforming mindsets to activate human's greatest potential.

As a disruptive and life-changing trainer for executives, I use life examples and knowledge of impact investing gurus to help my clients to transform their business models, investment strategies and cultures, becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

I know how senseless working, being unable contributing to the well-being of society feels like. Before I started my own training business I spent nearly a decade as a banker working with high net worth individuals.


After the financial crises I was looking for meaning and possibilities to do good with finance. Working at Paradeplatz, at the very center of finance I was feeling unhappy as I couldn't say with pride "I am a banker". I realized that I need to make a step to change my life.

This is how I dived into Impact Investing, participating at various conferences, educating myself on the topic and bringing the puzzle of sustainable finance, its challenges and opportunities together.


My initial foray into impact investing world led me to the following question:

"WHY something so natural for any business - to consider people and environment while making money - is still so INACCESSIBLE in terms of EDUCATION, ENGAGEMENT & INVESTMENT?"


To make a change, I created Galileo IIIC to transform Impact Investing into the New Normal.

I see Impact investing as the catalyst for social and environmental change. The more people are aware of Impact Investing and have access to it, the GREATER the chance is to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The Impact Investing School is the next step in scaling impact investing for professionals, financial institutions, NGOs, governments and universities.

I happily run my organizations and mandates by balancing them with everyday yoga. "Daily gratitude and joy of celebrating the wonder of life helps to inspire and give energy to others to take an action in their lives".

I have successfully completed major changes in my life and am eager to guide others to do the same for the benefit of future generations.

I help my clients to create a sense of clarity about sustainable finance, impact investing, improve their investment strategies, relationships with clients and employees. And of course, bringing back the pride of being a banker of the future.


Today, I work with ambitious and determined executives around the world, as well as social businesses and start-ups helping them to raise funds. These people want to change the world for the better. It takes courage and passion to make this step.

By combining modern technologies, innovation, human capital in new ways, we are capable to solve all the existing challenges on our planet. There are enough projects. There is enough capital. We are currently "over-reporting", "over-regulating", are "over-comfortable" and "over-talking". But unfortunately not overacting.

I help to unleash humankind's full potential, to create a change. Finance can be supportive, people and nature oriented and this is the future. Join this future now.

With my training, coaching for fundraising and in depth impact investing expertise, you will experience changes in your mindset, attitude, and increase your ability to take an action and achieve results within a short period of time.